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Site News/Update 2/21/17

Main Context/Site Specific Updates Hello and welcome to this week's update! Although just a quick announcement and still have days to go before it happens, the site will go down on March 7th! It will also have a new temporary... Continue Reading →

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Site News/Update 2/15/17

Main Context/Site Specific Updates Hello and welcome to this week’s update on the site along with further more information for TTAB! I have been doing well, and with ACT over now I have more dedicated time towards working on both... Continue Reading →

Site News/Update 2/7/17

Main Context/Site Specific Updates Hello, and welcome to this week's update! I will be doing this weekly on Tuesday to inform everyone on the latest content of the site for the previous weeks/week. The site will be going down briefly... Continue Reading →

Official Update for TTAB

Hello there! From my last update, I fed you guys information about upcoming news for this site and etc. I will now put out even more information!! 😀 Most of these is related to TTAB, which is an acronym for... Continue Reading →

Update on the Website

Future of the Site Yeah, I know I don't upload as much as I want, but I can never keep up with the dates I've set myself. 😦 Rip Venators and Project Realization. The site will seem to go down/have... Continue Reading →

Razer Tartarus-My Review/POV

Well, since this is pretty much my own site, I could do whatever I want on it lol. I've decided to do reviews on things I get here and there, so be sure to keep a heads up on those.... Continue Reading →

A Regret From the Past

The Story of Amir, my childhood friend, who died at the young age of 13 due to an incident.

All of My Works!

This is a list of what I have worked on/working on/will work on(Updates Regularly)in the personal life section A Regret From the Past(Done) Here is a list of all my works that are related to short stories/web novels!(Updates fairly often)... Continue Reading →

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